And suddenly

The world went quiet and the truth sunk it’s teeth into my heart… and even though it’s been days… I still cry… the puncture wounds pour out love while the blood fills my lungs… I’m drowning in hate and regret and sadness… idk when I will feel warm again… my heart bleeds out and folds over itself misshapenly.. and my lungs collapse.. all at your name… but life’s not fair.. and I should just deal… move on… and with every step I drag my soulless eyes forward a small electrical current shivers my heart and awake… one day though that shiver will be a spark, and then a current… till it’s finally a full beat.. and I long for that day…. but until then… I ask for mercy…
-smac 2014


Times are good bad happy or sad…

I’ll hit you up later

-Yeah cause that’s happened after 3 days

And just like that

It was all a dream…


' Merica!


So goodnight moon, and goodnight you, when you’re all that I think about, all that I dream about…

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